H2 Refueling

Headwaters has delivered numerous successful H2 projects at high pressures to 875 bar.  This work includes tube trailer fill at production plant sites, complete 350 bar industrial hydrogen dispensers, transportable composite cylinder packages for hydrogen delivery, turnkey tube trailer unloaders for dispensing and components and systems for 700 bar hydrogen refueling.  Headwaters possesses the specialized engineering know-how to comply with ASME Code and NFPA standards at these high pressures, and participate on relevant North American Codes and Standards bodies.

Our special focus is on 350 Bar refueling, which is the dominant technology for refueling forklifts and buses, and offers the greatest operational economy, lowest emissions and greatest technical maturity of all hydrogen refueling approaches.  We offer both our proprietary tube trailer unloading packages which use our hybrid cascade technology, as well as 350 bar dispensers which meet the HPIT 2 National Standard for use in the United States.  We also execute projects using 3rd party dispensers when preferred by the end user.

Tube trailer unloaders deliver the entire site system for interacting with delivered high pressure hydrogen at any common commercial delivery pressure between 2,400 psig and 7,500 psig, and include in a single compact package:

Single tube trailer unloaders are available at three daily flowrate ranges for fleet demands of up to 275 kg/day, 550 kg/day and 2.5 tonnes per day, covering all practical hydrogen fleet sizes.  Headwater’s hybrid cascade technology allows up to 96% delivery efficiency from trailers, and eliminates costly ground storage arrays.  Typical savings in investment cost versus a liquid hydrogen based refueling installation is 2/3rd, while savings versus competing gaseous systems are 1/3rd or greater.