H2 Compressors

Headwaters works with U.S. and International compressor OEM’s to source bare process compressors best suited to client project needs, and engineers and supplies complete hydrogen compressor packages, usually with AC induction motor electric drive.  Our main focus is on reciprocating piston and diaphragm compressors, although we have experience implementing various rotary hydrogen compressor packages when that proves more technologically-appropriate.

We have especially rich experience in the field of smaller drive power process compression, below 1,000 horsepower.  This is the heart of the market for typical clean energy, industrial gas and petrochemical compression of hydrogen, and is an under-served segment of the market by generalist compression packaging firms and prohibitively-expensive to execute as field-constructed EPC projects.  We have extensive experience handling contaminated hydrogen-rich streams, dissociated ammonia and pure hydrogen product, and a deep understanding of hydrogen compatibility issues with materials of construction of the compressors themselves and the balance of the package equipment.