Hydrogen and CO2

Purification Plants

In addition to our focus on impure hydrogen streams from reformers and synthesis gas sources of all kinds, Headwaters is known for turnkey hydrogen purification plants that require a greater degree of customized engineering. These projects source impure hydrogen gas from electrolysis units, dissociated ammonia (often planned to be blue ammonia or green ammonia in today’s market) or other chemical or petrochemical processes. These projects typically include one or more of process tie-in, pre-treatment, supplementary reactors, hydrogen compression, and high pressure systems such as tube trailer filling. We have completed projects of this kind in a wide range of industrial settings, from steel mills to refineries.

For bulk conversion or removal of impurities, Headwaters leverages our network of approved vendors in the catalyst, absorbent and solvent extraction industries. This gives us access to proven licensed technologies with which to build our plants. However, bulk conversion is seldom the whole story in processing complex feedstocks, making solutions for achieving high purity of paramount importance. Although our own PSA technology is often a part of these solutions, special solutions are often of great value.

With several years of collaboration on highly successful Hydrogen recovery projects, BASF Catalysts and Headwaters Solutions LLC have partnered together to supply the most energy efficient and reliable Hydrogen recovery and purification plants to their clients.

This partnership leverages BASF’s robust portfolio of catalyst and adsorbents as well as deep expertise in purification of Hydrogen, in conjunction with Headwaters’ extensive experience in engineering, constructing, and delivery of H2 purification plants. This collaboration aims to deliver the best hydrogen purification technologies on the market, including DeOxo and Dehydration, to serve the rapidly growing Green and Blue Hydrogen markets. BASF’s process technology in purifying CO2 adds new adjacent markets for Headwaters, and nicely complements bulk CO2 extraction for gasification projects or our own steam reformer plants.