Engineering Services

Headwaters is a specialized Engineering & Procurement (EP) contractor focused on hydrogen and synthesis gas projects and modular plant design and execution. We are licensed engineers in multiple U.S. jurisdictions, and carry the full suite of customary insurance, including professional liability with petrochemical endorsement.

Headwaters provides a full range of engineering services:

· Project feasibility (FEL-1)

· Front end engineering (FEL-2 and FEL-3)

· Detailed engineering

· Procurement

· Construction supervision

· Commissioning

· After sale service, revamp and expansion

· Product development and pilot plants

· Project development services

Although for hydrogen plant and PSA projects, supply is normally vertically-integrated, we also participate as subcontractors for limited scope when dictated by client preferences. We work with a variety of regional and international contractors to deliver civil engineering and construction services. Headwaters modular plants are fabricated at approved sub-vendor fabrication shops in the United States and Canada. All pressure work is conducted by ASME stamp holders with 3rd party approved quality manuals.

Headwaters pilot plant and product development services are often in adjacent markets to hydrogen and synthesis gas, or to new companies who can benefit from our experience and know-how. We have recently completed projects in markets as diverse as clean energy, personal care product manufacture, and hydrogen for both publicly-traded and privately-held clients.

Finite Element Analysis is a key tool for pressure vessel design as well as complex structural analysis