Hydrogen Purification

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), invented in the 1960’s, has revolutionized the production of purified hydrogen worldwide with over 1,500 total plants constructed. Decades of competing investment have yielded a huge number of technical advances, making the engineering of PSA plants fundamentally an “open book” process like steam reforming, but extremely complex to do correctly, and highly dependent on the technical skill of the supplier. Headwaters has decades of successful hydrogen PSA experience focused on plants ≤10 MMscfd for challenging applications with high purity up to 99.9999% and hydrogen recovery matching the best worldwide benchmarks, i.e. up to 87% in steam reforming applications.

We fundamentally believe that any customer interested in a H2 PSA plant demand:

· Switching valves from internationally-recognized manufacturers proven to deliver 5 years between turnaround

· Ability to operate with one adsorber vessel offline for maintenance

· Load following and product purity control

· Complete Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of adsorber vessels

Because increased H2 recovery directly increases steam reformer plant output capacity AND reduces feedstock consumption, PSA replacement offers a natural way to improve existing hydrogen plant performance in a revamp.

In addition to our focus on impure hydrogen streams from reformers and synthesis gas sources of all kinds, Headwaters is known for turnkey hydrogen purification plants that require a greater degree of customized engineering. This typically includes one or more of process tie-in, pre-treatment, supplementary reactors, compression, and high pressure systems such as tube trailer filling. We have completed projects of this kind in a wide range of industrial settings, from steel mills to refineries.